Fishing nauture Tench, Crucian

Fishing nauture Tench, CrucianFishing nauture Tench, Crucian

Groundbait Tench, Crucian available in 1 and 3 kilogram packages

Fiber content: cereal grain, bakery products, confectionery, aroma and flavor additives.

Product Details Tench, Crucian

Thanks to the special aroma-flavored composition and careful roasting of components, the MCKarp groundbaits are extremely effective. They are recommended for both amateur anglers and competitors. Waterslowers can be mixed with each other in any proportion in order to ideally adjust them to the depth of the fishery, the current of the water, the color of the bottom and the occurring fish species. For better effect in deeper waters or in waters with strong pull, add adhesive or ground bait.

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